I recently graduated from New School Parsons School Of Design in Graphic Design. Parsons gave me an amazing education and I am well trained in technology as well as aesthetics and marketing. I also have a Bachelor Degree in Communication from one of the most prestigious private University in Mexico (Universidad Ibero Americana) and I studied Spanish Communications and network Productions in placing American products into Hispanic markets at Columbia University. I am originally from Mexico City but have been living in the USA for many years, I am fluent in English and Spanish, and I also have a Conversational level of French and Italian.
Combining my roots in Latin culture with American /European directions have been the focus of my design work and I find its such an exciting place to explore. The Spanish market is exploding and I feel I can help with the visual translation between them. I have traveled the world studying great Art, Design,Architecture and have focused on Latin American Culture as well as Art History, where I specialized in Modern, Pop, Post Modern and Contemporary Art. I have a vast experience in communicating with large groups, and I have a good understanding of the Latin Communities.
I find what your firm is embracing, so exciting and brilliant and such a great service to the world. Latins have a great history and I want to be a part of bringing it to life, combining, sharing and pushing our visual and communication gifts into the spotlight .You Firm produces great campaigns and I would love to be mentored by the excellence you represent . Collaboration is so important to great ideas. I hope we can meet in person.
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